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    19 Aug Relationships-Call Time Can’t be Successful Without Them

    Even in the best of times, the phrase “Call Time” causes many candidates and staff to cringe. I understand the aversion to making calls for money, whether or not you know the person. It can be intimidating, exhausting and uncomfortable, for those making the calls and sometimes even for those getting them. However, we have so much work to do,......

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    19 Aug Virtual Events: How to make them interesting and show your personality

    With in-person events on hold for the foreseeable future, it’s time to shift to virtual fundraising events to engage with supporters new and old. Though there are similarities between in-person and virtual events, there are some distinct differences. (Visit our earlier post for an overview tying the methods you currently use–Call Time, Events, Email, and Donor Relations–to using them effectively......

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    19 May Adapting Your Fundraising Toolbox

    Everyone doing any sort of fundraising these days is adapting and trying new methods, as those people they need to connect with are:   Not attending any in-person events, and Being inundated with phone calls, emails and requests for video calls.   As you adapt your existing Democratic fundraising plan to our current circumstances, how can you use your existing......

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    01 Apr Fundraising During a Pandemic – Do You or Don’t You?

    Like you and your team, we’re navigating a new a reality and adapting to rapidly changing circumstances. We hope all of you are healthy and doing well given all we’re going through.   We’ve gotten a lot of questions recently around maintaining the right balance between focusing on upcoming elections, which includes fundraising, and helping our fellow Americans through the......

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