Training Courses

Become A Kickass Fundraiser

Imagine busting through any limitations or fears related to fundraising, making authentic connections with supporters, building and strengthening donor relationships, and raising more money for your campaign. Our LITTLE KICKS IN THE ASS PROGRAM will help you elevate the impact of your campaign, as you and your staff learn to effortlessly explain:


Why You’re Running


Your Vision For Your Time In Office


How A Contributor’s Support Impacts Your Campaign and
Helps You Achieve Your Shared Vision


Virtual Fundraising Training Courses

Big Kick Mule

Stephanie is a leading fundraising trainer and coach who combines her expertise with her warm, humorous, direct delivery to teach Democratic candidates and staff how to build and maintain relationships with donors. You get the direction and results you need while flying past hurdles and limiting beliefs to become better fundraisers.


For campaigns who want or need to work through a specific obstacle, are just getting started, have never fundraised before, have limited funds, or want help without a long term commitment, Stephanie and her team provide digestible chunks of easily implementable direction and guidance exactly where it’s needed.

What You’ll Learn

Kick Ass Circle@2x@2x

Understanding fundraising best practices and tools, including developing a strong fundraising plan/outline

Kick Ass Circle@2x@2x

Organizing and executing highly
effective events

Kick Ass Circle@2x@2x

Learning to pick up the phone and ask for contributions without feeling nauseous, guilty or like you’re begging for money and support

Who needs these Little Kicks?

Anyone who wants to be a more kickass fundraiser!

But seriously, these programs work for many different groups, including:

Elected Officials and Staff Focused On Re-Election
First-Time Candidates
and Staff
Candidates In Races That Aren’t Top Tier Party Targets
Fundraising Staff

Not currently involved in a campaign but want the skills to join a campaign as a finance
assistant or finance director? You can get your own little kick in the ass through virtual
quarterly group training. Contact us to learn more.

How do I sign up?

Scroll down to select the right course for you and use the buttons for our scheduling calendar, where you can register (and pay). If you’re not sure exactly what program is best for your campaign, let’s talk.


Little Kicks for Candidates

Candidate Fundraising Foundations   

Cost $550

This 3.5-hour program kicks you toward the top of your fundraising game. You’ll learn the basics of fundraising, which includes access to immediately implementable call time and event invitation templates.

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Effective Call Time Scripting

Cost $350

In this 2-hour program, you’ll get your Why onto paper, develop and practice your new tight, personalized call time script. You’ll leave with a script that explains why you’re running and clarifies your vision, necessary to connect with the right Democratic contributors and build long-term relationships.

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Little Kicks for Staff

Staff Fundraising Training 101  

Cost $350

This 2-hour session teaches your staff to write successful finance plans; track call time; develop and execute successful fundraising events; and help candidates overcome their fears related to fundraising. You’ll leave with the ready-to-use Mellinger Group’s call time tracker and invitation templates.

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Little Kicks for Candidates and Staff

Personalized Fundraising Coaching

Cost $250

In this 90-minute education and coaching session, tailored to overcome specific roadblocks, candidates and staff learn how to get past fears they have about fundraising and leave motivated to achieve their fundraising goals.

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Individual Coaching Sessions


In these open sessions, candidates and staff work directly with Stephanie and her team for as short or as long as necessary, talking through specific issues keeping them from success, like event management, call time, email fundraising, prospecting, donor maintenance, etc.

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In addition to all the real-world takeaways, each program includes
The Mellinger Group’s resource sheet, a combination of recommended
TED talks, readings, and videos to keep you moving forward when you feel
like you’re struggling.